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   West Memphis             Christian School


Established in 1970, West Memphis Christian School opened with the design to educate and prepare students in a Christian environment for college and life.  Since then, over 800 students have graduated from WMCS.  From physicians to accountants, farm consultants to lawyers, WMCS graduates continue to change the world for the positive.  Over 50 years later, the purpose of WMCS is still the educate and empower the Mind, Body and Spirit of each student.  Our administration, faculty and staff continually strive to provide a positive, safe and friendly Christian environment for all students.  We believe education is more than books, lessons and schoolwork.  At WMCS, education is personal and designed with Christ at the center.  



Education isn't just about learning and grades.  Education is about teaching life lessons and life skills while integrating the core subjects.  At WMCS, we do that but we make sure that it is done with Christ at the center of every lesson, activity and interaction we have with your child.

WMCS exists to inspire young people to live out their dreams - use their God-given talents to pursue the many opportunities God places before them. WMCS stands for excellence, for high achievement, and for a growing, persistent faith in a God, who created the universe and placed it at our feet to explore.


WMCS offers many educational choices for your child.  We pride ourselves on our multiple offerings that are integrated into our Christian faith.  A positive and safe environment are integral in who we are and how we function. 

West Memphis Christian School is a non-denominational, co-educational environment based on principles found in the Word of God.  Our goal is to partner with like-minded families to offer a positive and challenging Christian educational experience.  You can find more information about our tuition schedule and application form below.



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Click the picture below to visit BLACKKNIGHT NETWORK (  This is our own multimedia network that is produced and directed by WMCS Students and Volunteers

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