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WMCSSpiritual Life



At West Memphis Christian, we hold the value of life in Jesus as a top priority. Throughout the career of a student, we know firsthand the pressure and stress that can arise. But we also know just how powerful our God is.  At WMCS, we are called by God to help instill a strong foundation of faith and confidence in God to your children in ways that they can take with them in their daily lives. We believe there is nothing greater than to follow Jesus and His teachings, and here at WMCS, we will empower each student to see their value in a God that loves them unconditionally


Each year our students in the High School are given the chance to participate in a mission trip.  We have conducted mission trips in the Dominican Republic and Jinotega, Nicaragua.  These trips have proven to be very important to the spiritual growth of those who have gone.  WMCS also gives our students the chance to work in the local community and in our WMCS community through service projects and mentorships.  At WMCS education goes beyond the classroom.

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